Almost all of the shrimp Americans eat is now going uninspected


Correction (updated October 9): This article overstated the effect of the US government shutdown on inspections of imported food. Steven Immergut, an FDA spokesman, said the agency is continuing to review all food imports, but there “may be delays” in physical examinations due to the shutdown.

The article should have noted that 344 FDA employees are still working to inspect food imports, according to Immergut; just 76 such employees have been furloughed.

Immergut did clarify that the agency is not currently able to add companies to the list of “import alerts”—referred to incorrectly in this article as “red alerts”—unless there is a life-threatening emergency.

We have changed the headline of this article, which was originally “Almost all of the shrimp Americans eat is now going uninspected.” The article, as originally published, is below. We will update this correction as we learn more.

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It’s day four of the US government shutdown…

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