Grand Theft Auto Online PlayStation 3 Patch Is Live, and It Finally Fixed… Well, Two Problems


I’m in! At last. That only took what, three days? Better part of the week? That’s alright Rockstar. I wouldn’t have had much time to play, it being the week and all. Thank you for getting the ball rolling in time for the weekend. The company just announced a GTA Online patch is live for the PlayStation 3 (confirmed), and that it’s working on getting the Xbox 360 version up “as soon as possible” yet today.

On the PS3 side — and this seems to explain the main problem I was having — the company says it discovered a PlayStation Network server issue “that was limiting the amount of possible concurrent users” and that this “was preventing most players from accessing GTA Online altogether.” I’m now able to access the game repeatedly without problem.

During one of the two or three sessions I had managed to make it into the game earlier…

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