How Google could make a smart watch that succeeds


A hazy new rumor pegs the code name of Google’s forthcoming smart watch as “Google Gem,” with a launch date of Oct. 31.

The rumor is so fuzzy it wouldn’t be worth talking about except that its outlines help clarify both the bull and bear case for Google’s entry into smart watches.

The Bull case

Google’s rumored smart watch will avoid the mistakes of previous smart watches from Samsung, Sony and various startups, which include working with only one type of phone (Samsung), not doing anything particularly useful (Sony) and being too feature-rich and bulky to really qualify as a “watch” (Samsung, startups).

A Google smart watch that is lightweight, has a long battery life, can work with any Android smart phone and has a useful, Google Glass-like interface isn’t going to be the next iPhone, but it might at least give Google a toe-hold in the market and a…

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