Mushroom and Chicken Omelette

Cooking in Sens


Tomorrow we’re going to Sens for Antonio’s birthday!  Wisely I think, we’ve decided to drive to Strasbourg, park the car, and then take the TGV to Paris and the local train on to Sens.  This way, we won’t have to worry about a long drive after a long night and on the way back, we can get the car, drop Jade at school then only have 1 1/2 hour drive to Stuttgart.  No problem with transportation in Sens; we have a little Citroen that is parked at the house.

I really couldn’t be bothered making anything new for dinner yesterday, so I chopped some leftover roasted chicken, sliced some scallions and mushrooms, heated it up with butter and we ate that over toast.

With the leftovers, I made an omelette for my lunch and poured myself a fortifying glass of tomato juice to build up my stamina for the weekend…

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