Tama River at Sawai

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It’s been a long summer and I have hardly left Tokyo at all, so please forgive me for keeping up the posts on the wonderfully green nature around Tama River, in western Tokyo’s Ome City, Sawai district. The river is very typically Japanese, getting wider and wider as it goes, with a varied and interesting path. At some spots the river is deadly, but just a stone throw away is a placid spot where kids can swim and play. I can’t imagine catching anything here but the river is popular with both fly fishers and anglers. I bet the mountains are full of boar and deer as well. It must be an interesting place to hunt in!

It’s fantastic to get out of the city sometimes. The train ticket from Shinkuku to Sawai Station using only JR trains is only 890 yen and takes about 75 minutes one way.







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