Travel pro-tips from the Chinese government: Don’t leave footprints on toilet seats, spit in hotel pools


Chinese tourists may have finally claimed the title of the planet’s most boorish tourists. And they seem to be trying their hardest to earn it. The list of grievances against Chinese travelers is long, but recent lowlights include throwing candy at North Koreans, carving up a 3,500-year-old Egyptian relief, eating endangered sea creatures and making off with airline cutlery.

The Chinese government, perpetually worried about potential national embarrassments, has taken notice. And in response, the China’s National Tourism Administration just published an information packet a titled, roughly, the Guide to Civilized Tourism and Travel.

It lays out dos and don’ts of traveling abroad (download the pdf here) for the throngs of China’s new traveling public.  Some examples of the behavior the CNTA cautions against:

  • Lying down in public
  • Going out with disheveled hair and a dirty face
  • Removing ones’ shoes and socks

The 64-page guidebook also features helpful…

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