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Smartphones are getting bigger as tablets are getting smaller


Infographic: The laws are imperfect, but here’s what revenge porn victims can do

Finally, a Site to Check to See If the Government Is Still Shut Down

Originally posted on Tech:
And here I’ve been calling the White House every 15 minutes like a sucker. Swing by the aptly-named “” to check out whether the government is shut down or whether the government is NOT shut down. If the site says YES in red letters, then YES, the government is still shut…

The most interesting aspect of the new Chromebook: Its charger

I’m guessing you wouldn’t wear a “New York Jews” or “San Francisco Chinamen” cap

Originally posted on HardballTalk:
While most commenters on my anti-Chief Wahoo posts forcefully assert that “no one cares” about racially offensive logos like the one used by the Indians, The National Congress of American Indians (and many other Native American individuals and groups) does.  To help raise awareness of how offensive Chief Wahoo is, the…

DocStoc’s got a brand new bag: Redesigned small business portal offers personalized content and resources

Can you spot the shocking hidden image in this plate of curry and rice?

Originally posted on SoraNews24:
There are certain customs restaurants in Japan follow when serving dishes that originated overseas. Fried rice should come on an octagonal plate. Steak must be accompanied by a few wedges of carrots, steak fries, and corn. When it comes to curry and rice, the roux should never completely cover the grain.…